This look is back in style.

Steve Kovalesky

My name is Steve Kovalesky and I'm an independant animator, illustrator, designer, and creative director. I specialize in web / tv / film animation, video games, music videos, commercials, and web design / development.

I grew up in South Jersey (if you're from NJ you'll understand why that distinction is important) where I worried my parents by getting into trouble at school, and by spending too much time drawing and playing video games. I would dream of one day starting my own animation studio. And my parents would yell at me to go outside.

After a brief stint as a freelancer in NYC, I came out to the Midwest to work at Filament Games as a UI / UX artist and designer. A few years after that I co-founded a small games studio. And then at the beginning of 2016 I went back into contracting, and got one step closer to realizing my childhood dream of running my own little animation studio.

By the way, Madison has a really good bagel shop. If you're from the East Coast and you're ever in Madison, hit me up and we'll grab some. I promise they're really good.